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Staff Slide Show ->
Picture One - The Swede didn't attend the party but was discovered in the morning
Picture Two - A friend of one of the copy boys
Picture Three - An unidentified gentleman found in the living room
Picture Four
- Travel Correspondent Johanson leaves with new friend
Picture Five - Another unidentified gentleman, thought to be Our Man in the Field, found in the den
Picture Six - A fashion correspondent at the kitchen table
Picture Seven - The Snapper and his date finally pass out
Picture Eight - Atwater - Identified, trussed up and displayed
Pictures Nine and Ten - The Bookwoman arrives on a hog and then flees the scene in the morning in somebody's truck

The August Release Party - Morning After

Towards the end of a long hot summer and possibly due to the recent scandals and personnel issues that have rocked the Goliard to its very core and made it all we can do to persevere and keep the enterprise from crumbling away completely, the remaining staff got together and agreed that probably the best thing to do was hold a blowout August release party. Unfortunately, we jumped the gun a bit and staged the party before the issue was actually complete. In the aftermath, we realized that we'd be remiss if we didn't include some footage of the party itself as part of the issue to help explain the delay. So in keeping with our tradition of laundering staff undergarments directly under the public's nose, we include here a slide show of some of your favorite staffers and the state they found themselves in as the rosy fingers of dawn crept over the Goliard gazebo on that miserable August day.