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Goliardic Vocabulary
A running list of words a goliard should have need to use


uliginous  - [yoo-LIDJ-uh-nus] an adjective meaning 'swampy, slimy, oozy'. From a Latin word meaning 'full of moisture'.

- A fairly recent British slang term: the first recorded use is only in the eighties, though verbal use must surely go back further. The usual form is gobsmacked, though gobstruck is also found. It’s a combination of gob, mouth, and smacked. It means “utterly astonished, astounded”. It’s much stronger than just being surprised; it’s used for something that leaves you speechless, or otherwise stops you dead in your tracks. It suggests that something is as surprising as being suddenly hit in the face. It comes from northern dialect, most probably popularised through television programmes set in Liverpool, where it was common. It’s an obvious derivation of an existing term, since gob, originally from Scotland and the north of England, has been a dialect and slang term for the mouth for four hundred years (often in insulting phrases like “shut your gob!” to tell somebody to be quiet). It possibly goes back to the Scottish Gaelic word meaning a beak or a mouth, which has also bequeathed us the verb to gob, meaning to spit. Another form of the word is gab, from which we get gift of the gab.

dasypygal (da-si-PYE-gul) adjective Having hairy buttocks.

saponaceous (sap-uh-NAY-shush) adjective - Soapy, slippery, evasive

fremescence -
a rare word meaning 'an incipient roaring.

facinorous (fuh-SIN-uhr-uhs) adjective Extremely wicked.

(ven-TRI-pot-ehnt) adjective
- Having a large belly; gluttonous.

inunct - to apply ointment to someone or something.

longinquity -
a rare word meaning 'long distance, remoteness.' From a Latin word meaning 'long, distant.'

- a stink. This word comes from an anglicized spelling of the French haut gout, meaning 'high savor or flavor."

impignorate - to pawn or mortgage something. This comes from a Latin word meaning 'to pledge.' To repignorate is to redeem a pledge.

pasquinade - 
a satirical piece of writing posted in a public place. Pasquin was the name of a statue in Rome that was often dressed up to resemble a mythological or historical figure on St. Mark's Day (April 25th). Students often composed verses to salute Pasquin on his big day, and the verses were written on or posted by the statue. The verses soon became satirical and the custom spread to other countries, where satirical writings (with or without the benefit of convenient statues to rest upon) were often signed ¿Pasquin.¿

bloviate (BLO-vee-ayt) verb intr. To speak pompously -- Pseudo-Latin alteration of blow, to boast; popularized by 29th US
President, Warren G. Harding (1865-1923).]

peccable a. liable to sin. peccadillo, n. (pl. - es) minor sin. peccant, a. sinning; n. sinner.

retromingent - a.,n. (animal) urinating rearwards. Backward urinating, as a female bovine.

Throttlebottom (THROT-l-bot-uhm) noun. A purposeless incompetent in public office -- After Alexander Throttlebottom, a Vice Presidential character in Of Thee I Sing, a 1932 musical comedy

magniloquent -- a. using high-flown language; bombastic. magniloqence, n.

jejune - a. empty; sterile; dry; naive; immature. jejunity, n. jejunum, n. middle part of small intestine.

nullibiety - n. The state or condition of being nowhere 

fastuous (fas-CHOO-uhs) adjective.  1. Haughty; arrogant. 2. Pretentious. [From Latin fastuosus, from fastus (arrogance).]

ataxia - n. A disturbance of bodily functions -  Loss of the ability to coordinate muscular movement 

formication - n. The sensation that one is being crawled upon by ants

pedicular - a. lousy, afflicted with lice

bubaline - buffalo like. Pertaining to the bison

nugatory - trifling. of no value

purulent - puss filled


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