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January 2004

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The Big Bounce                        

The Big Bounce is not a good film but has some attractive scenery and good cameos. Owen Wilson is his usual self and redeems the whole thing to some degree just because he is who he is and seems to fit right in as a surfer thief delivering off the wall lines in his nonchalant way. The plot is non existent and nothing really makes any sense but if you feel like sitting back and checking out some beach scenes, surfing footage, and getting a glimpse of island life, this isn't a complete waste of time. Newcomer Sara Foster plays the ingénue and does a semi respectable job looking good and being leggy. The opening scene is funny when Wilson clubs Vinnie Jones up side the head and the cameos make you suspect that folks like Bebe Neuwirth, Gary Sinese, Willie Nelson and Harry Dean Stanton just happened to be in Hawaii at the time and agreed to participate for the Hell of it.


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