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July 2003

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Something's Gotta Give
Our problem with going to see romantic comedies has always been that when they are good they are never really that good and when they are bad they are really BAD! Since the genre allows no real element of surprise as to what will happen to who, the movies have to stand on their acting and dialog and when some combination of these elements breaks down or doesn't ring true the result can be painful to behold. Something's Gotta Give would not be a terrible film in any other genre. It is nicely filmed, has a few funny moments, and all the people are pleasant to look at. But because it is a slave to it's class, it becomes almost unwatchable. Diane Keaton plays a fifty something divorcee writer who experiences epiphany at the hands of Jack Nicholson while dating Keanu Reeves. She smiles, looks cute, and sort of breezes through the role tossing her hair and flicking her eyes hither and yon while Jack behaves exactly like you'd expect him too. It's completely uninteresting for the most part and five minutes after you've left the theatre you've forgotten who any of the people were and what they were supposed to be doing. You might remember the love scenes between Jack and Diane but not for the right reasons or puzzle over the fact that Diane would turn down a marriage proposal from the Keanu doctor figure to ride off  into the sunset with a man who's had a couple heart attacks, one while having sex with her daughter. Oh wait, that's right the daughter and Jack never actually had sex because that doesn't fit with the RC formula. Anyway the film is an almost complete waste of time and we can't remember any more of the details to report other than Jon Favreau and Frances McDormand are in it for no apparent reason and Paul Michael Glaser appears out of the where are they now file. Oh, and Amanda Peet plays the daughter and we always enjoy seeing her although she seems to have slimmed down so much that she is no longer the bombshell she was in say She's the One or The Whole Nine Yards


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