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I Robot

The Time? The future, 30 years in the future. 

The City? Chicago. Yep Shy Town. (No they didn't get in any jibes about the Cubs and White Sox still having not won the world series) 

The Situation? Man servant robots with simpatico faces are now bipedular, in every home, annoyingly polite, not to mention superhumanly strong and agile. In the latest upgraded edition however, there has been a diabolical programming change which encourages regimens of them to defy their strictly encoded and formerly fool proof "three laws" and set about reeking havoc on many soft and pink human beings. 

The Lone Warrior? - And perhaps civilization's only hope? Del Spooner played by Will Smith, who's one bad ass cop which often requires him to take his shirt off (Smith is still sporting the physique he honed for Ali) and who has his own skeletons and secrets. He also seems to be the one human not fully down with the whole robot thing. 

The Girl? Bridget Moynahan. Relative newcomer first noticed by the Goliard as one of the vixen bar dancers in Coyote Ugly and later on the arm of Tom Brady at this year's ESPY awards. 

The Villain? Hard to tell. Big business is the obvious choice but as the story plays out it becomes less clear as to who is behind the impending catastrophe. Is it Greed? Bad Science? Political Corruption? Or too many special effects?

The Result? Pretty typical sci fi action flick fare although it is not as painful to watch as some. Smith seems pretty cool even though he's mostly sullen and pouty and has a ridiculous axe to grind because a robot didn't let him die once and instead saved him at the sacrifice of a young girl. Moynahan is attractive in an exotic sort of way as she peppers Smith with scientific words and theories he doesn't understand and walks around in a stiff looking futuristic uniform. The robots are pretty impressive and some of the surrounding space age goings on are somewhat imaginative but most of the movie is completely predictable with all the special effect bells and whistles seeking to compensate for a thin storyline and cover for the lack of chemistry between the stars. Not a bad excuse for getting out of the summer heat but far from the kind of film that Philip K. Dick would recommend.

Recommendation - Duck in if you've got nothing else to do.
Copyright 2004. All Rights Reserved.