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July 2003

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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not  - À la folie... pas du tout
A French film directed by Laetitia Colombani and featuring Audrey Tautou who is not as loveable in this film as she was the last time we saw her in Amelie. Far from it in fact as the film tells the story of her affair with a married doctor Samuel Le Bihan from the two different points of view. The first half of the film is her side of the story until it is rewound (literally) and shown again through his eyes. The versions differ greatly of course and we learn why policemen asking people to describe an event often get completely different accounts. The police are needed here eventually as well as Tautou's (caution: link may contain nudity) fantasizing art student begins to cross the line. Creative way to tell a story even if it does get a bit tedious as the events are run through a second time. The ending also could have held much more suspense than it did but an overall good picture worthy of a look just because of the unique narrative style. Tautou and the supporting cast are excellent as well.




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