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Fever Pitch

We had to go out and see this film of course due to our New England upbringing and the fact that it's based on a book by Nick Hornby who wrote High Fidelity and who's books usually translate OK to the screen. The book is actually about Arsenal Soccer and not the Boston Red Sox but since soccer isn't all that appreciated over here, comedy gurus the Farrelly brothers evidently decided to switch the subject matter to something that Americans can relate to and make it about the loveable Beantown losers and baseball. The problem was that, during filming, the losers became winners for the first time in 86 years and the script had to be altered to more accurately reflect what had occurred. Being that it's a romantic comedy about Boston, starring a native New Yorker and admitted Yankee fan in Jimmy Fallon and his paramour Drew Barrymore who's from Hollywood or someplace, authentic was not what we expected and not what we got. You'd think that Affleck or Damon, who have been in some real crap lately, would've jumped at the chance to play Bostonian Ben, a boy in a man's body who's devotion to the Sox often gets in the way of him having a normal relationship with a woman, in this case, Barrymore who is some sort of yuppie math genius who also doesn't appear to be from around there. There's lots of great shots of Fenway and the surrounding neighborhoods but this film would have been much better served had it been set in Chicago with the Cubs as a back drop. As it is, the characters are mostly unbelievable as Bostonians, the plotline is predictable, and the ending cornball. However it is a pretty movie to look at especially for Red Sox fans and not all that objectionable even though Fallon really doesn't carry his weight. There are some cute moments, and cool memorabilia and, although it will definitely help if you are a baseball fan, you could do quite a bit worse in this genre than Fever Pitch.

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