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Clive Owen meets Jennifer Aniston on a train and soon ends up totally screwed. That sums up Derailed pretty well with the only suspense coming as to who's doing the screwing and does Clive deserve it. He's got a wife at home you see who's not Jennifer Aniston played by Melissa George (caution link my contain nudity) not to mention a daughter that's not Jennifer who also has diabetic issues. As it turns out Jennifer isn't exactly Jennifer either and, with help from an office clerk named Winston and a mysterious French sort of fellow who gets violently involved, Clive begins to find himself wishing that he'd never gotten on the train at all or at least taken a later one. Derailed is what he is with the question being does a basically decent fellow deserve to get as screwed as Clive gets just for attempting to screw Aniston. The film seems to answer this question in the negative although what lingers in the mind as the credits roll is how much more screwed could a person have been than Clive was about half way through the film. None more screwed is the answer.






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