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We all know that Will Ferrell can be a pretty funny guy at times. Some of his SNL skits are priceless and he seems more than willing to sacrifice all modesty for the sake of some good physical comedy usually at his own expense. The decade that was the seventies also lends itself to humorous retrospectives taken in the comic mode and often, just showing basic footage of that time often evokes belly laughs without even using scripts or actors. Christina Applegate has been on a long running and successful comedy show playing a dumb blonde (although we heard her speak on campus once and were impressed with her articulateness and candor). Cameos by Tim Robbins, Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson, Jack Black and Ben Stiller playing warring leaders of various news crews sounds funnier than it is and the mere presence of Fred Willard should have added more than it did. What all this boils down to is Anchorman is not that funny a film. Ferrell mostly misses with his dumb talking head shtick and Applegate seems like she is simply tolerating all the hogwash going on around her for the chance to be in a feature film. What's his ass from the Daily Show is funny at times as a bizarre weatherman but a little too annoying to be truly memorable and, other than a few Willard moments, that's about it. To tell you the truth, we just saw this movie a couple weeks ago and have already forgotten most of it which is why this review may seem a little thin. There is one funny part when Jack Black kicks a dog over a bridge and it says a lot that a scene like that would be the most memorable thing about the movie.

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