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February 2004

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Along Came Polly                         
Along came Polly will only seem like a bad film if you sit and consider the potential of the stars and the other things they've done and are capable of doing. Philip Seymour Hoffman is always pretty classic in most of his roles and his efforts as the Chris Farley like, friend to Ben are fairly amusing and represent yet one more type of character he can pull off. Not much is asked of Jennifer Aniston (who in our opinion is actually a hell of an actress and who also has been quite diligent keeping the nudity under wraps so no caution necessary on the link) in this movie, other than to look good and act sort of quirky which she does pretty well but her character is never flushed out at all and the attempt to explain why she is such a traveling free spirit who can't commit (her father had a mistress) is weak at best. Ben Stiller is basically the same guy he was in There's Something About Mary, Meet the Parents and many other roles. Hank Azaria puts in a weird appearance as a naked French scuba instructor and we only say weird because he appears to be surreally pumped up which hopefully he didn't do simply for this role. Debra Messing, who plays Stiller's new yuppie wife who runs off with Azaria on their honeymoon, acts exactly like you'd expect her to and Alec Baldwin trots out yet another smarmy boss role that he's in danger of becoming known for. For scatology fans there is some good bathroom humor involving irritable bowels, spicy foods, plungers and the like but other than that and Hoffman's performance there isn't much to recommend the film.


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