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December, 2002


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Review of The Amazing Andy

Dear Goliard,

I attended a holiday show recently that I think is worth sharing with your readers. I went to see the Amazing Andy. Most people would tremble at the prospect of entertaining two dozen 3 and 4 year olds without resorting to restraints of some kind, but Andy was pretty amazing. To the adults he appeared nervous and uncomfortable, but the children warmed to him right off the bat and were not threatened by the strange skinny man adorned in horizontal stripes. Andy demonstrated a very good understanding of his audience and their sense of humor. An older crowd would have tired almost immediately of the broken wand gag, but he played with it for the entire 45 minute show. The kids actually were looking for the wands to fall apart, and having a blast. Andy was even brave enough to choose volunteers from the audience and every last kid acted as if they wanted to be picked. He also juggled and did some slight of hand. For his grand finale he conjured up a rabbit, and even let the children touch it. I am told he is great demand for parties and now I fully understand why. If you have a void to fill in your holiday entertaining schedule, you could do a lot worse than hiring The Amazing Andy.

NS - New Haven, Ct.

Ed's Note - We have no affiliation with Andy but simply happened to review one of his shows. We have received numerous requests for contact information from readers searching the web for information on how to get a hold of him and weren't able to offer any assistance until recently when an e-mail from Andy himself showed up. It is attached in it's entirety below:

Dear Goliard,

I just came across last year's Christmas issue on line. Wanted to Thank you for the review of my show. And give you my correct contact Info. 

The Amazing Andy - Magician...Juggler...Stilt walker
 Andy Charney
Orange, CT (203) 795-4733.



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