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Volume 5 Issue 1

Winter 2006

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The Goliard sends The Gaffer to the Winter Games

The Gaffer Abroad

Our staffer the Gaffer was wrapping up his temporary assignment in France recently and even though he was grousing a bit to put his dogs back on American soil, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the coffers and dispatch him on the short trip to Turin so that he might check out the Winter Olympic Games and give readers the lowdown. Armed at the beginning only with glitches involving tickets that were supposed to be delivered but never were and a semi-confirmed hotel room in the heart of Turin, The fearless Gaffer made his way across the Alps (or through them as the case may be) in order to spend a few days at the temporary focal point of winter sports. Below is an excerpt and a link to the full report.

"The atmosphere was charged with Czech fans draped in flags and Jagr and Hasek jerseys. Finn fans were clearly outnumbered about 4 to 1 but shouted Suomi chants and wielded inflatable blue and white hammers to make up for it. The game itself was fast-paced with few stoppages, superior to most NHL games we’ve attended. The Czechs, who were among the favorites to win gold in Turin, had already lost Dominic Hasek to a leg injury and then lost Jaromir Jagr in the second period when Jarkko Ruutu slammed him into the boards. Jagr lay on the ice bleeding for five minutes while the referees peeled off Czech players that had piled onto Ruutu. In the end, the Finns were too much for the Czechs and extended their unbeaten streak with a 4-2 victory."

The Gaffer at the Winter Olympics

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I visited the Music City recently to investigate my country roots and kick up my heels. What I found was a country girls Hollywood.

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