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Volume 5 Issue 2

Summer 2006

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  Summer 2006 - Tahoe/Reno and Telluride

"The assortment of people that currently run our lives allotted us three days to spend somewhere else recently and our requirements sounded simple enough until we got to thinking about them. The place had to be new to us, feature reasonably cool weather, and there needed to be some water around. The proximity of golf, gambling, and girls would be a bonus of course but you can find some semblance of those three things just about anywhere these days. Let's see, it's hot anyplace below 6000 feet or that's not within a mile of the ocean. The west coast was out since we'd been everywhere along it numerous times. The Great Salt Lake? No. Been all over Colorado. The east, sweltering in a humid miserable cloistering mosquito fog. Wait a minute what about Reno/Tahoe?"

A couple staffers needed a weekend getaway recently and decided to head up to the Reno/Tahoe area to check it out since it was one of the few areas in this great land of ours that neither of them had ever explored before. What follows are their words and pictures.


Two Culinary Reviews - Less about the cuisine....

Floradora Saloon - Telluride, CO

A brief history of Nikoloshkis, a saloon, and the evolution of a ski town

Plaza Liquors and Fine Wines
"Another thing Plaza does a great job of is rotating stock for the changing seasons. Especially around the holidays, we always start watching the sign out front for some form of the inevitable "Holiday Ales have arrived" message and there's nothing better than yanking your ride into the parking lot, mixing and matching a case or two of that year's seasonals, and driving off with a trunk full of Xmas brews to sample from around the country and world. Plaza dabbles in seasonal wines as well and the staff offers helpful, hand written descriptions of any vintners and labels that they've tried and enjoyed."

Read Full Review


And more about the Goliard staff and their summer travels

Mamasake - Squaw Valley, CA

The below is from the Mamasake website

DESCRIPTION: \ ma-ma-sa-ke n. a restaurant at Squaw Valley, CA serving new-style Japanese food using regional available ingredients. Root: mama: Itl. 1. a. an endearing term for a nurturing person b. mother. Root: sake Jp. 1. Japanese rice wine/beer. 2. Japanese word for salmon. MAMASAKE - an exclamation used for extreme feelings of joy or in times of challenge. Also see MAMASAN - Japanese; a female restaurateur.

Read about our singular experience with the Mamasan and Mamasake



Monsoon Season


The Summer swim season is upon us

The Flash in the Pan Hollow Man Movie Man

King Kong


The Constant Gardener

Broken Flowers



The Longest Yard

Mr and Mrs Smith

Other Hollow Man Reviews

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*The Corrections
*The Making of the Atomic Bomb
*Strong Motion

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* The Bribery of the Unseeing or Money from Heaven
* The Death of the Exhumed
* The Resurrection of the Forgotten
* The Forgotten Ignored

Take me in Boys!  I might just be ready for the whole

Future Features

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