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Volume 3 Issues  9 

Sept/Oct 2004

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Pigs can fly, Hell is frozen, and a fish finally need's a bicycle

The Boston Red Sox have won the World Series


Heading out to the Races

 Part II - The Campaign Trail.

It being the campaign season, we at your favorite apolitical publication thought it might be different and informative to assign a staffer to cover the presidential race and see if we couldn't maybe get some sort of reading on the political climate in this country. Things seem like they are getting pretty ugly out there with the nation divided as it hasn't been since the civil war, and we thought if we could usurp some credentials and sneak a man inside, we might be able to ascertain just what in the hell is going on and shed some light on how we arrived at this depressing point in our history. We chose a former staffer who we hadn't seen in awhile but who needed work and seemed like the perfect man to go undercover and boil the matter down to some low gravy. Read the whole report here.

Staff News

Dogs Take Over Pool

The staff pool was overrun by canines recently causing much barking and splashing about.

Read More


Hey Curt Schilling - Clam the Hell up about the Good Lord Almighty already.

Read the Rant

Shitelist 3



Swimmers we've known 

Guest Movie Reviews - MovieMan

Top Ten Movies of Summer 2004

The Flash in the Pan Hollow Man of a Movie Man

The Grudge
Open Water


Without a Paddle

Before Sunset

The Manchurian Candidate

I Robot

The Bourne Supremacy

Super Size me


13 Going on 30
Mean Girls

Secret Window
Taking  Lives
Mystic River
Starsky and Hutch

Along Came Polly
Welcome to Mooseport

Other Hollow Man Reviews

Ask the New Aussie until we locate the old one

Concernin' questions about Aussies and bloody Americans

Bookwoman's Diary

Who is the Bookwoman?

Go to the Diary

Millennial Snippets

* The Professional Appreciator 
* A Sniper Spotlighted 
* Nowhere Also a Place 
* Nothing Taken, Repeatedly 
* The Admiration and Emulation of the Grinch 
* No Offense Taken by the Residents 
* Olwell's Son Revealed to be a Sniper 
* The Last Millennium Regretted
* Previous Actions Denied 
* Snipers Sent Packing 
* Baby Talk Rejected 
* Olwell's Son Asked to Grow Up
* Fast The Canine Question or Why Don't the Newfoundlands? 
* Sold Down the River

Take me in Boys!  I might just be ready for the whole

Future Features

Geraldo - Lost in the Desert - The Mirage
Salesman's dogs are barking 
Swimmer stands in lane blinking at people
Something wicked by the pricking this way thumbs
Gorgonzola rated best/worst cheese
Southie moves north to Eastgate on the west side of the bad section
Worker thinks company misses her services despite not being replaced
Girl nears thirty without really having done anything
Lab rats vote for change
Marmite and roe - an unlikely coupling


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