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Volume 2 Issue 9

September 2003

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Restaurant Reviews

The Barrio Grill

If you are looking for an above average dining experience that doesn't feel forced and is priced right, look no further than the Barrio Grill. Located an easy walking distance from downtown Tucson on South Sixth Street, we found a sophisticated bistro that occupies a hip and pleasant space when we stopped in for dinner on a recent weeknight.

Full Review

New Goliard Welcomed in 


Movie Reviews

American Splendor, the story of the life of underground comic book author Harvey Pekar, is an excellent movie. In fact its as excellent a movie as it is hard to classify. You might call it something of a documentary, except for the fact that it employs actors to portray those being documented. And this even though the actual documentees are present throughout the film and provide some of the commentary and voice-overs, not to mention sometimes appearing in the film as themselves.

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* Black River 
*The Making of Toro

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* The Arbitrations 
* An Ally Unprotected 
* A Benefactor Ignored 
* A Poseur Rewarded 
* Technology Rejected 
* Practical Purposes Cursed 
* The Micturation Question
* Solicitors Enslaved 
* A Pinnacle Reduced 
* Roadbed 
* Those Feelings 
* Rewards for Mercenaries 
* The Equivocations 
* As if in a Dream came The Duchess

Take me in Boys! I think I might just be ready for the whole

Future Features

Geraldo sucks wind out of hurricane 
Swimmer studies laminated workout card longer than she actually swims
Wanker ruled not a pejorative
80 percent of society found to be chiseling money off productive 20 percent
Curiosity seekers befoul yet another experience
Hernandez studies as Rosenblatt takes nap
Football player stuffs crapped in uniform in pile - forgets that his number is sewn in
Key rings larger on average
Rudderless ship wins yacht race
Spoonful of Marmite keeps the medicine from staying down


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