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Volume 1 Issue 8

September 2002

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Original Writings

The Night Guy Series

Part 8 - Pyrotechnics and Goliard Poets

Vesuvios - North BeachThings had continued to deteriorate at the club that night after the awning caught fire and although Harry and Nate managed to soak the blaze with pool water and extinguish it before it spread to the main structure, it had left a mark and lingering smell that wasn't going to be easy to explain. Harry had somehow convinced Nate to sit on the deck and continue to drink with him by arguing that everybody's holiday deserved a dose of pyrotechnics anyway and besides, what else were they going to do. They finished yet another gallon of beer before Harry stepped down the stairs to relieve himself and must have stumbled off to his truck because it was the last Nate saw of him. The next thing he knew he was back at the front desk, teetering on his stool and trying to focus on the spread of goliardic literature he had strewn across the counter.

What the Hey, maybe I'll take a gander at the
the rest of this story I've got nothing better to do


John Rose's Gonzo Goliard Chinatown Ramen Noodles

More info on Goliard Ramen

Dang Shopping


2 packets Ichiban Ramen Noodles
1 diced up unidentifiable vegetable from Chinatown market (Choy Sum, Pak Choy, Mung Bean, Ridged Skin Luffa, Yardlong Bean, Edible Burdock, Japanese Pumpkin, Diakon, Kohlrabi, or Won Bok)
1 egg
1 green onion
1 vegetable bullion cube
Chile oil to taste


Prepare Ramen in traditional way although toss out MSG packet and substitute bullion cube

Dice and sauté vegetables to taste and add

Drop egg into boiling water until firmish

Add chili oil

Relief Picture

Relief Pitcher



"Walking into town on Sunday Morning 
saw your daddy sleeping naked in the yard
Saturday I'd seen him in a Mexiquita bar 
liquor in his eyes and dust around his heart

James Low - Mexiquita I climbed through the window 
so my momma wouldn't see
That I was all dressed up 
and you were waiting there for me
Cause even from her bed 
she seems to know just where I been.
So I came back to see you 
before you take another man.

Mexiquita don't you know you own me
Just like you owned my daddy come before
Your dust will fill my mouth 
if I go north or I go south

Or if I'm killing time at the bar

I was born in sickness a fever in my brain
My Momma was told I'd never see the driving rain.
But see that rain I did lord and it comes down mighty hard.
And now I've grown to see you wrap yourself around my heart"

Mexiquita don't you know you own me
Just like you owned my daddy come before
Your dust will fill my mouth if I go north or I go south

Or if I'm killing time at the bar"

                                          Who is James Low

The PGA Explained

Surf Dogs we've known

Surf Dogs

The Movie Man's
Movie  Reviews

The Movie ManWho is...
the Movie Man?

Blue Crush
Blood Work
Sex with Strangers
Kid Stays in Pictures
Serving Sara
Full Frontal
Sunshine State
Pluto Nash
Who is Cletis Tout
K-19  The Widowmaker

13 Conversations
Emperor's New Clothes
M. Lawrence Runteldat
Master of Disguise

Our Man in the Field

Our Man in the FieldWho is Our Man in the Field?


Bookwoman's Diary

Who is the Bookwoman?


Go to her Diary

Millennial Snippets

* Thrice Throttled the Peeper 
Overwrought the Potential In-Laws
A Younger Sibling Scorned
The Unjustifiable Relocation of the Dammed 
Damned to Uncertainty the Uncircumcised 
Thrice Wiped the Bottom Rung
A Black Sheep Applauded 
A Regular Sheep Cast Out
Undammed for All Time
The Beavers Rebuild

Take me in Boys! I think I might just be ready for the whole

Future Features

Geraldo: Now totally forgotten, was he ever here at all?
Somewhat suspect the mayor
Baseball players still seen as overpaid whiners by many Americans
Wetsuits hard on the scrotum apparently
Sorority girl dropped off early in the a.m.
Homeless man uses last quarters to hose down homeless woman at carwash
Dog Beach a zoo
"Now we're cooking in oil" said the matron
California Freeway system likened to flushing toilet
Marmite used to spackle woodpecker holes in outhouse, proves an effective deterrent

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