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Volume 4 Issue 5/6

May/June 2005

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The Snapper's Tour of Ireland

Part One - Dublin "They were right; a pint of Guinness is not the same in the states. Like the Irish told me time and again, “The Guinness doesn’t travel well.” My first pint of Guinness on the Emerald Isle was in the Oliver St. John Gogarty in Dublin’s Bohemian Temple Bar district. As an Irish trio played their lively tune while sitting at a table in the corner and only accepting draughts of the Black as payment, I savored my pint of same as I would each subsequent pint that I had the good fortune to sample over the next week."

Part 2 - Galway

"I had stayed my hour and was contemplating moving on until the beautiful and talented Julia came on shift and took her post behind the bar. The Tig was not yet busy and Julia seemed somewhat ambivalent about it all at first as she snacked on some Planter’s Peanuts and leaned on the back bar. She noticed that I was jotting down notes and asked me what it was that I was writing. Still coherent at this point, I replied that I was taking down some travel thoughts for the Goliard while they were still fresh in my mind. She of course wasn't familiar with the publication."

Read more of the Snapper's Tour of Ireland

Reviews and Pets

Ha Long Bay

It turns out that Ha Long Bay, a real and unique locale in the northeast corner of Vietnam is now a real and good little restaurant on the southeast side of Tucson.

Read the full review

BJ's Brewhouse and Restaurant

Full Review


New kittens Rose and Violet arrive at staff offices

Terridactyl on Travel

Bay to Breakers

I returned this year to the annual Bay to Breakers race in San Fran. Don't click on the following account if you are offended by pictures in which genitals are visible.

Terridactyl 2


Signature Holes we've known

The Flash in the Pan Hollow Man of a Movie Man

The Longest Yard

Mr and Mrs Smith

Other Hollow Man Reviews

Guest Movie Reviews - MovieMan

Top Ten Movies of Summer 2004


Bookwoman's Diary

Who is the Bookwoman?

Go to the Diary

Millennial Snippets

* Preoccupied the Protectors 
* Community Pillars Sandblasted
* Heated Sidewalks as Segue Infiltration 
* The Garrison Dispersed: A 21 Bean Salute 
* The Garrison: William Henry?
* Buchanan Impeached 
*Creating Olwell From Chaos, and Then Nothing From Olwell 
* Training Rendered Ineffective By Numbers
* Twice Bitten the Shy 
* Bidentality as Socialization
* Where are the Teeth We've Lost

Take me in Boys!  I might just be ready for the whole

Future Features

Geraldo on the Riviera
Barking up the wrong tree - A lifestyle choice
Burned Out and Rusty - An unlikely team
Local girl hamstrung by convention
Other than teeth, what have we lost?
Foul smell emanates from meeting of tomorrow's leaders
New homeowner driven out by the nightsounds
Training gives way to reading about training
Startlet seen itching butt
Gob of Marmite befuddles technician


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