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Volume 4 Issue 3/4

March/April 2005

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The Terridactyl on Travel

I went to Acapulco for my spring break this year and can report that the men south of the border are every bit as lame as the men north of it. I was complimented by many men and stared at by many more but ended up scoring in the negatives in the romance department. The place was beautiful though. I wish I could afford to move down there! I wouldn't do it but that's just gotta be one of the things you say when you come back from somewhere on vacation right?. Very friendly, helpful locals. Great looking bodies everywhere although sometimes the were briefly obfuscated by wrinkled, brown vendors clamoring to pawn off their crap. Warm balmy nights. Laid-back lifestyle. A crazy coastal mentality. Of course it was also smelly, poor, dirty, humid, noisy, and totally out of control! They have absolutely no regard for any kind of safety whatsoever personal or otherwise. You wouldn't BELIEVE the things I witnessed.

Read more of the Goliard's new travel writer's trip to Acapulco.

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Zona 78

We rambled up to this oddly named spot on River Rd for some Pizza and pale ale. Read how it went below.

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Tubac and Tosh's

Tosh's is no more down in Tubac with an even crappier eatery now in it's place. A couple of staffers had some of the worst service and food ever in the old space under new owners.

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