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Volume 1 Issue 5

June 2002

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The Night Guy Series

Part 5 - Interlude concerning a goliard's apprenticeship

Night Falls in Palo Alto

"So if tracing origins is important to understanding the turns and twists of one's life, Nate can say that it was there, in the public restrooms of Stanford University, that he was first compelled to any thoughtful written response. Compelled, as it was, by sentiments which were mostly anonymous in source, usually cowardly and vulgar in message, and assumedly always male, found expressed on the bathroom walls. It became his little specialty within the group, although they were never aware of it, and as he became familiar with the varying themes and convictions particular to certain buildings, (the Philosophy and English department restrooms became his favorites), he would look forward to his next visit, perhaps even subconsciously accelerating the process with diuretics and fibers, hoping to encounter new material or dialogue that might warrant some comment.

Often, he would just sit, answering no call of nature other than an urge for solitude, and fastidiously respond to every bit of graffiti as if it were a test question. Facing these stall walls that he felt, cried out especially for rebuttal, comforted by the anonymity, and with plenty of quiet time to reason out appropriately acerbic and poignant retorts, Nate etched, scratched, and scribbled his initial creative efforts."

What the Hey maybe I'll take a gander at the
the rest of this story I've got nothing better to do


Mo's Marvelous Mostaccioli

More info on Mo...

Mo with Rum and Coke


10 oz package Mostaccioli noodles 
15 oz  of Rices block chili (frozen, usually in the meat department) Ed's note - R.B. Rice's block chili is only available in Kansas and Missouri. Other states have reasonable facsimiles thereof but if you want to do it right make a pilgrimage
2 cans tomato soup 
2 cans tomato sauce 
1 1/2 tsp. anise 
2 cloves garlic (1/2 tsp garlic powder) 
2 tsp. oregano 
2 lbs. ground beef 
2 cans stewed tomatoes

Cut the chili block into pieces and place in large pan. Add chopped stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato soup, and 2 soup cans of water. Simmer. Brown the ground beef with minced onions and salt and pepper. Drain well and add to tomato mixture. Add oregano, anise, and garlic and simmer. Boil the mostaccioli noodles in salt and some margarine. Serve sauce over noodles.

Serving Ideas: 
can be prepared ahead and frozen 
makes enough for two meals - freeze half 
Serve with tossed salad
French or Italian bread


Love is (Just a quarter turn from gone)

"Sometimes the roads you've traveled
Seem just like the road you're on.
When love is just a quarter turn from gone.

Chester Rhimes


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Our Man in the Field

"There are no prisoners taken on the hound"

Dateline - Hound

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Who is the Bookwoman?


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Millennial Snippets

* VI. Stalking
* A. Stalked
* 1. The Caps
* a. Stalking
* b. Stocking
* B. Not Stalked
* 1. The Caps
* a. Not stalking
* b. Not stocking

Take me in Boys! I think I might just be ready for the whole

Future Features

Still no word from Rivera?
Reeking of Gin back in vogue
Jewelry stores deemed non-essential
Cuttlefish are neither
Statue wasn't happy being bare behind Ashcroft anyway
Baseball player spotted adjusting protective cup
Loser ruining wife's promising career with "traditional values"
Workers download extra porn in protest of new policy 
Gang of wild youths rub marmite in tourists wounds


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