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Volume 3 Issues  7 

July 2004

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Ten of the Best Places in the US to enjoy a Cold One

The Station Inn - Nashville, TN Boundary Bay Brewing Co. - Bellingham, WA Geisen Haus - Canton, OH Latonas - Seattle, WA The Horsebrass - Portland, OR
Bob Dobbs Bar and Grill - Tucson, AZ Eli Cannons - Middletown, CT The Brick - Roslyn, WA Vesuvio - San Francisco, CA McGillin's Olde Ale House - Philadelphia, PA


A Correspondence - The Urinal

"Hello Otis, 

I would appreciate it if you could distribute an announcement to the men in Building 8 regarding the urinal in the men's restroom. After someone pays it a visit, it continues to run in a very loud and annoying way if not operated correctly. There is at least one person in this building who seems to be unaware of the issue and it can be a significant distraction for the typing pool girls if one of us has to go find someone to jiggle the handle and stop the water each time it is left running. It is quite loud and no small disruption to the work that we do not to mention the junior level executives we have to interrupt who have to then leave what they're doing and enter the restroom to address the situation.



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Arizona Diamondbacks

Offense - Mismanaging a club into near obscurity with boneheaded trades, annoying marketing schemes, ill advised financing, and general malfeasance.

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Cold Ones we've known 

Guest Movie Review - Atwater 2004

Dodgeball and Anchorman

The Flash in the Pan Hollow Man of a Movie Man

Before Sunset

The Manchurian Candidate

I Robot

The Bourne Supremacy

13 Going on 30
Mean Girls

Secret Window
Taking  Lives
Mystic River
Starsky and Hutch

Along Came Polly
Welcome to Mooseport

Other Hollow Man Reviews

Bookwoman's Diary

Who is the Bookwoman?

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Millennial Snippets

* Dark the Sentiments of the Unbeknownst 
* Freely Frolics the Archbishop 
* A Director Miscast 
* A Euphemism, A Tasteful Cutaway, and One More Gratuitous Breast 
* Uncomfortable the Girdle of the Recently Defrocked 
* A Search Party Organized 
* The Body Double 
* Somewhat Unlikely the Firmness of the Bosom 
* Gravity Derided if Not Openly Mocked 
* Scurvy in the Garrison

Take me in Boys!  I might just be ready for the whole

Future Features

Geraldo buries head in sand, has anal "incident"
Pooh thy honey, runny
young woman bored and should be
Enslave the free jackwipes 
A simpleton runs wild
Dry Heat - the fable
Make water the buffalo
Gown worn, tears shown. Horny Torn
Trucker breaks down during chat with dad 
Marmite wrassling fails to satisfy


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