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Volume 2 Issue 7

July 2003

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Dispatch from NYC

"The heat can be oppressive, just like the rain. Neither one is worse, nor better. Both bring this vague haunting sensation that somewhere there is some lonely flesh that wishes you could be with it. July 4th is on its way, so the sound of explosions punctuates everything. Ice cream trucks and explosions, and stones on windows. Occasionally someone will walk by on a cell phone, crying.

It was Faulkner who wrote (in Light in August) that "ingenuity was apparently given man in order that he may supply himself in crises with shapes and sounds with which to guard himself from truth."

Read the correspondence from the Big Apple

Staff News

The Swede Uncovered

"Steam began wafting out into the hall and I could hear faint sounds of ablution. I remained sitting perfectly still in the dark focused intently on the bathroom door as I saw that it slowly opened. I winced at the thought of discovery and put my hands over my eyes and shut them tightly half expecting screams and castigation to ensue but instead there was only silence. When I finally had the nerve to peek back out again, I could barely make out a naked figure passing down the darkened hall through the dissipating mist. Holding my breath, I shrunk back into the couch, now hoping that she would perhaps just go to bed and allow me to make my get away once she fell asleep..."

The Swede Uncovered

Young Goliard mimics we've known 

The Fallen Angel

In lieu of the Swede situation (detailed at left) we are in the process of carefully interviewing potential correspondents to take her place. The most intriguing character to darken our doors thus far is a fallen angel. Stay tuned in this space as her story is revealed.

Little Goliard Jumpers we've known


Patriots we've known

The Flash in the Pan Hollow Man Movie Man

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not

Ask the New Aussie until we locate the old one

Concernin' wiv foreskins

Bookwoman's Diary

Who is the Bookwoman?

July's Featured Books
*The Corrections
*The Making of the Atomic Bomb
*Strong Motion

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Millennial Snippets

* An Embracing of the Cursed
* Too Laughable the Dejected
* The Deification of the Mundane
* The Gentrifications
* The Mutations
* The Certifications
* The Conceptualizations
* The Malappropriations
* K-Rations
* The Erections
* The Final Day
* An Unwelcome Visitor
* A Fresh Discussion

Take me in Boys!  I might just be ready for the whole

Future Features

Geraldo spotted at baseball game with group of "distaffs" 
Moral Majority is neither
Chimp suffers personality disorder
Long distance relationship leads to disaster
Freedom Fries a bust
Workers heckle new manager behind back
Governor keeps spare change in pickle jar
Cricket match bores pants off several viewers
Weimaraner called "scrota colored"
Autopsy reveals marmite


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