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Volume 4, Issue 1

January 2005 

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Smoking Review - Olive R Twist

After reading our Depot review a reader wrote in to suggest that we might find what we were looking for at a place called Olive R' Twist. Despite the silly name, we decided it couldn't hurt to try it on for size and paid them a visit on a recent weekend night. What we found was a sprawling establishment that mostly delivers what a goliard needs from a hangout spot. 

Centrally located on east Speedway, Twist is spacious with multiple rooms, a large outside patio, a diverse menu featuring burgers, deli sandwiches, salads, loaded potatoes and bread bowl soups. Most importantly, they also feature NTN Trivia, 30 TVs, and 20 or so beers on tap, many of which are local microbrews like Nimbus Palo Verde Pale and Gentle Ben's Blonde or tasty favorites like Red Hook IPA. The beer tasted fresh and cold, the service was friendly and prompt and the food pretty good. Granted this was only one visit, but the place had a pleasant feel to it and despite a full parking lot and several tables of people sucking in smoke while their spouses choked down some dinner, the air was circulating and not too stifling. 

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For someone who drives vast distances, XM radio can't be beat. We have had it in the staff van for the last year and it has never once lost reception or skittered out. And with over a hundred channels to chose from, much of which is commercial free music, a person with broad or specific tastes will most likely find something they want to listen too. A full list of the stations is available at so we won't review them all here but suffice it so say there is something for everyone. They carry the TV feeds of ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, BBC and E television among others, a couple 24 hour comedy stations (one family friendly and one not), and many major college sports and all Major League baseball games. Some of the units also have rewind capabilities so you can go back through the last hour of programming TIVO style and listen to anything you want to hear again or revisit something you missed while you were talking on your cell phone or screaming out the window at other motorists. The unit we bought pops out of the car and into a battery operated boom box so we can take the music or the ball game with us to the park or pool. 

All in all, XM radio was money well spent and the more they grow in popularity, the cheaper they will become. Bob Edwards the former mainstay of NPR has also signed on with XM and hosts his own morning show where he gets to do whatever the Hell he wants and interview only the people he finds interesting without having to cover news stories that used to just piss him and everyone else off. Now he just bullshits with people of his choice for an hour each week day. 

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