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January  2003

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To No Avail Slaps the Tail -  A Jordan Dane Mystery

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the california series

part 4 - a boston watch

Take this," she said. She shoved something into my hand which I didn't get a chance to look at because she was also kissing me on the mouth. "Thanks," she said, and ran back around the corner. I jumped up and ran after her just in time to see her car speed off in the wrong direction. I looked in my hand. It was a watch. A man's watch. Gold. I turned it over. Engraved on the back was "First Boston Corporation Quarter Century Club: 1925-1950." What had I heard about a watch lately? I couldn't remember. I put it in my pocket and went back to the bus.

What the Hey, maybe I'll take a gander at the
the rest of this story I've got nothing better to do

Back to Basics

"There's nothing wrong with the desert." Great opening line and a true statement especially in the middle of winter. In fact, the things that can be wrong with the desert are not so wrong in the winter months. The poisonous insects and reptiles retreat, the relentless heat is gone, many itchies and scratchies are in semi remission, and the vast miles much more accessible for human navigation. And the colors can be awe inspiring. The reds of the rocks and the blues of the sky remain but are augmented instead by fluffy pockets of snow and the sheen of the daily melt. Birds soar and critters scurry. We went back to the desert recently. And it was fine.

Back to Basics - A desert diversion

La Ella Caliente!

La noche del viernes pasado, cuando you estaba artículo mi amiga con los pechos enormes me llamó para decir que tenia entradas para el campeonato de la liga nacional de futbol americano. Nosotras fuimos y nos divertimos mucho, pero ahora no recuerdo cuales equipos jugaron porque mi amiga tenía un "six" y una botella de tequila en su bolsa. Además unos gringos de Ohio nos compraron muchísimas cervezas. Después fuimos a la playa y también a Las Vegas con nuestros nuevos amigos de Ohio, pero cuando el alcohol empezó a perder su efecto, nos dimos cuenta que los gringos de Ohio eran feos y por eso los abandonamos en el Mirage frente a los "banditos con una mano". Robamos su carro, un Buick muy grande, y volvimos a Arizona, donde lo vendimos por tres botellas de José Cuervo y tres limones. No necesitamos sal porque siempre la traigo conmigo en mi bolsa.

                                 Quien es La Ella Caliente


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Take me in Boys! I think I might just be ready for the whole

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