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Volume 3 Issue 2

February 2004

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Tornado Alley
serious serialized fiction
by Joe Souza

Day Two - We get up early. Frank drives to Wintburger for breakfast. Wintburgers, I learn, are ubiquitous up and down Tornado Alley. Frank is of the opinion that the Nebraska chain serves the tastiest fries, although I can't tell the difference from one crappy restaurant to the next. Hung throughout this joint are various pictures of tornados racing across the Kansas landscape. A plaque near the men's room explains that this particular location was leveled by a F3 funnel cloud in 1978. Another tells me it was rebuilt the following year. Outside it is dark. Frank mutters something about a warm front moving in.

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Staff Reviews

Desert Miracle
Film brings back memories

"As the third period wore on, Brooks strategy of quick line changes to keep his players fresh began to have an effect. Johnson scooped up another bumbled puck and zipped it home for the tie and the Olympic stadium virtually shook. Minutes later team captain Eruzione capitalized on another defensive Soviet bobble, took a pass, skated into the high slot and snapped a 25-foot wrist shot past the screened Soviet goaltender for a 4 - 3 lead. A bunch of US college kids were leading the best team in the world with ten minutes to go in the game."

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"Spring is almost here and we're coming out"
So quoth the vipers of Cochise Stronghold

Staff News

The Compromising of America - Back to Basic III

Out on the road a lone cow stood. Woeful and defiant perhaps at the slaughter occurring up in Washington where it was found that one of his brethren had gone mad. "That cow's gone insane. Serves her right for eating feed sluiced with bovine brains and dripping with steroids. How could the goddamned cows do this to us? Cows with Guns."

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Vertigo, Vertigoing Vertigone Jobs we've known

The Flash in the Pan Hollow Man of a Movie Man

Mystic River

Starsky and Hutch

Along Came Polly


Welcome to Mooseport

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* The Canoe or White Water Wafting
* Robinson Crusoe vs. Ambiance * Crowded Desolation 
* Casual Friday on the Island  
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Take me in Boys!  I might just be ready for the whole

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Geraldo overrought - takes to road
Greens with envy bloom anew as spring draws near
Hubris applauded by Hagus
Man's career a complete sham wife tells coworkers 
Norwegian just wants to be held, even in summer 
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stevedore makes racial remark before scrubbing up
age old conundrum drives worker to rematriculate
Marmite fertilizer bodes for black harvest


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