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Volume 2 Issue 11

December 2003

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To No Avail Slaps the Tale 

As he stood in the trees observing as the dogs settled down he became aware of heavy breathing quite close by and suddenly knew he had strayed into the cougar's area. He turned around slowly to find China Cat peering at him bemusedly from the large flat deck where she had been sleeping in the sun. "Good kitty," he whispered as he approached with tentative step trying to exude that confidence which he'd been told animals could sense but which he certainly did not feel.

Chapter Seven

Note - The editors have reached yet another agreement to continue regular work on their mystery novel "To No Avail Slaps the Tale" and, in so doing, will work on and post chapters in this space. Since the rest of the Goliard is likely to suffer slightly from this shift of attention we encourage any estranged and former staff members to submit any writings they can to help keep the publication's reputation for posting a bunch of different crap in tact. Thanks in advance - Ed

Staff Reviews

The Nimbus Brewing Company

Anyone even passingly familiar with this space has either already ascertained (or at least wouldn’t be surprised to find out) that most of the Goliard staff is partial to hoppy beverages and original music. Why then did it take us so long to make it down to The Nimbus Brewing Company which is virtually in our own Tucson back yard?

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Looking to break away on a recent night from our old standbys of dining, we poked around in the restaurant sections of the local cyber rags and decided to head up to the Northwest side of Tucson to stop in at Wildflower on North Oracle. We hadn't heard any word of mouth on the place but whatever we read must have sounded good enough to prompt a visit. What we found was a sophisticated eatery with a pleasant atmosphere, quality food and efficient service.

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Tubac and Tosh's

A couple of us on the staff had some business down along the Mexican border recently and on the way home decided to prolong returning to the Old Pueblo and it's careening hordes of insane Christmas shoppers and venture off the freeway to do a little poking around and catch some lunch in the supposed "artsy" community of Tubac, AZ. What we found was a quaint little checkerboard town about the size of a city block with a multitude of shops, galleries, and eateries that, in the end, offered little in the way of things that anyone we know could actually use, but much to look at, ponder and marvel over.

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* The Preoccupation of the Purposeful
* Carpentry and You
* The Previous Commitments of the Unwanted 
* The Secrecy of the Uninitiated
* Where the Extra Inch or A Planer's Lament 
* Uninventoried the Fields
* The Foraging of the Undirected

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