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Volume 3 Issues  8 

August 2004

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A letter from Atwater concerning Intramural tennis

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 The Goliard salutes the pride of the pool - Olympic Gold Medalists - UA's own Amanda Beard, next to Michael Phelps, Jenny Thompson and Natalie Coughlin

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Cup of Joe

Way back in the day when the Goliard staff offices were located on the top of Nob Hill in San Francisco, we used to trudge up and down said hill quite a bit in search of various and sundry pursuits. We didn't have real jobs at the time, which left us entirely free to focus on the important things in life which we did with some gusto, albeit with no money to spend on the process. Basically, we walked around a lot. The other thing of it was that we had a staff vehicle, for some reason which now escapes us, and the parking situation on the Nob was either of the non existent, very expensive, or two hour variety. What this came to mean was that no matter where we were in the city, whether it be panhandling on Polk, laughing at the thespians down in Union square, or catching a mile swim in that cold ass roped beach water down by Fisherman's Wharf, we had to stop what we were doing every two hours and hoof it back up to the Subaru to wipe the little yellow mark off her tires where the meter maid had tagged it or roll the car forward or back a few feet so she would appear to have been moved.

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Shite List 

Various Hotels and Motels across America

Offense -
Nefarious business practices involving using the Internet to misrepresent shabby quarters, nickel and diming patrons with hidden additional charges, and a general fleecing of an unsuspecting traveling public. 

Shitelist 3



Fruit Bats we've known 

Guest Movie Reviews - MovieMan

Top Ten Movies of Summer 2004

The Flash in the Pan Hollow Man of a Movie Man

Open Water


Without a Paddle

Before Sunset

The Manchurian Candidate

I Robot

The Bourne Supremacy

Super Size me


13 Going on 30
Mean Girls

Secret Window
Taking  Lives
Mystic River
Starsky and Hutch

Along Came Polly
Welcome to Mooseport

Other Hollow Man Reviews

Ask the New Aussie until we locate the old one

Concernin' questions about Aussies and bloody Americans

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Who is the Bookwoman?

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Millennial Snippets

* The Rogering of the Well-Endowed
* A Simpleton's Gripe Overdone
* A Call to Salt Away the Already Rotten
* A Trekker Cuckolded Enroute
* A Suicide Unnoticed
* The Lemmings Regroup or Peer Groups Unite
* The Well-Traveled Evicted
* A Summit Achieved and So-called a Trough, He Bespoke
* Too Tired the Grumpy
* Backpedaling are the Saints
* The Cuckold Shepherd, A Lark, or The Lark's Cuckold, a Shepherd
* Two Gentlemen Guillotined

Take me in Boys!  I might just be ready for the whole

Future Features

Geraldo coddled and fondled right out of view
Bumwiper proud to be in club 
Assjack continuing to say everything backwards
Edify, Codify, Rectify to be names of the new pillars not yet built, nor planned 
Garage door slams down on man's pate
Curmudgeon gets dander up
Bird misses wire and his mom
And then life just went on and, although she was not where she hoped to be, she told herself she wasn't miserable
God ineffectual among intellectuals and canines
Youngster wins bet by eating marmite with straight face


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