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Volume 2 Issue 8

August 2003

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Back to Basics II - The OP 

Just off an old dirt road atop a gentle hill deep within the Quinault Rain Forest down on the southern tip of the Olympic Peninsula all the way out in Western Washington state there stands a big tree. Over 1000 years old and upwards of 75 feet in circumference, it is a majestic old fellow, a Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) by name and a little rough around the edges, hollowed in the middle, and battered and torn at the top by lightning and wind. A cadre of much smaller trees, (only four feet across or so) stand closely about like vassals as if to prop up this royal old timer who is clearly positioned as the elder statesman in this misty land of conifer giants.

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The Swede - Uncovered Anew

In the latest in the annals of staff antics that seem to get more bizarre with each passing day, the missing and written off Swede resurfaced at the August release party just as this issue was going to press. While this may not sound all that strange in itself, the strange part of course was that she hadn't been seen actually attending the party but rather turned up the next morning on the party grounds draped across a picnic table all naked and unconscious like so much flotsam left behind a high tide. As anxious staffers wait for the wreaking of glog Swede to regain consciousness, speculation is rampant about the events that could have led up to the incident. As always, we'll let you know more as soon as we do.

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The Fallen Angell

In the accompanying pictorial essay, we commence the story of the Fallen Angel. The words will follow in good time or, more accurately, when they are approved by the legal department. In the interim, readers have found it entertaining and a challenge to attempt to fill in the story that might eventually accompany the photos.

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* A Duchess run up the Pole
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*The Misappropriations
* Festive but Spiritually Corrupt
* A Call to Arms for the Courteous
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* Bare Before the Shroud Go We

Take me in Boys! I think I might just be ready for the whole

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Geraldo sold to Russians 
Stunned mother drops tattooed Barbie in toilet
Wallace and Gromit enter Gubernatorial race
Frog fed up with spouse decides to go a courtin
The great unwashed organize to form killer union
Studabaker seen just driving along as if everything was fine
Garth Brooks hit in back with feces
Kobe's accuser not one of the Bush girls friend says
Mountaineer agonizes over spilt milk
Marmite blamed for Tourette's syndrome


Marsha Aldrich - Pending

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