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Parvenus and Putting Pigs in Clover

A couple of our editors somehow got sucked into taking up the sport of golf recently and after thousands of frustrating dollars squandered and countless hours spent thrashing around on various courses throughout the west, they can report back that they have hardly improved their scores at all and continue to be flummoxed by the game with the only noticeable change being that they now have aching backs and thinner wallets. While we at the Goliard don't condone this behavior or necessarily support the game itself and the incredible amount of resources it appears to squander, we have agreed to allow them a forum in which to detail some of their exploits. What form this will take is up to them but it will probably end up consisting of course reviews, pointers, q and a, and a bit of journaling (which are all nicely dressed up disguises for the bitching, moaning and venting that we have to hear around the staff offices on a daily basis.) Feel free to comment on their whining and offer your own views on a sport which appears to be as ridiculous as it is addictive.

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