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Tucson Ruebens Examined

Note - More to come.......

Ruebens in Tucson

Trying to get a respectable Rueben in this town is like trying to squeeze horseradish from a stone. Weasel at Bob Dobbs makes a decent sandwich, but it's not on their menu and he has to be in a really good mood in order to chef one up for you. Periodically it is the special of the day and then you're safe but it's not something you can count on. And for God's sake don't tell him we told you to ask for one. He's cantankerous enough as it is,

Olive R Twist has an ok sandwich on their menu, which also features our personal favorite, the turkey Rueben. The bread is good and tastes homemade but the meat on either sandwich is far from high quality and tastes like lunch meat from a bag.

Jason's Deli gives it a shot but the result is unsatisfying. 

The Depot has a decent sandwich although the kitchen can be incredibly slow and the staff has a hard time getting a warm meal out to all members of a party at the same time. They do, however offer both pastrami and corned beef, the choice of five different kinds of fries, and have a decent beer selection, not to mention the 8 big screen TV's and personal speaker system for viewing multiple sporting events.

Famous Sams version is so greasy you can't function after consuming one.

Your best bet is to go to the butcher shop Dreher's on Speedway and have them make you one. The Dreher's offering in either pastrami or turkey is excellent and you get to consume it in an old fashion butcher shop featuring all the sights and smells inherent. They have fresh shaved horseradish on request, numerous salads, slaws, sides, and deserts not to mention the best meats in town. Dreher's is top notch anyway you slice it.

Eds Note - Unfortunately Dreher's seems to have gone out of business and Weasel works at the Frog and Firkin now. We haven't checked to see if they have a Rueben but will let you know eventually.


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