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Ephesus Restaurant                ($)

My wife and I have been waiting to try Ephesus for a while. Finally on a lark we decided to dine there on a weeknight around 6:00 pm.

The interior is nice and so was our seating.

That is the last nice impression we had.

30 minutes into the meal we FINALLY got our appetizer, the Ephesus plate with smoked eggplant puree, yogurt and hummus. For 9 dollars the portion was VERY small, not a good value at all for average taste and especially not if on that time table..

We then waited another 30 minutes to get our dinner salad. The place was not busy at all so we were wondering why the service was so slow? Our server did not attend to us at all. Finally we cornered the server to ask what was taking so long? He said nothing but we did notice that the kitchen was busy preparing to go orders at the peril of those who are in the restaurant. We noticed a couple that was in for only 15 minutes got their appetizer/salad at the same time we did. Finally we asked to speak to the manager/owner, who declined to speak to us. We had enough, and decided to leave (after 75 minutes of non service). We were charged for the appetizer. On our way out the owner gestured to us to come here, and then began to insult me saying this is not like preparing hamburgers! My wife and I have traveled/dined around the world. Such insults are not the way to resolve obvious bad service. You can judge a business by the way it handles problems. We did not get an apology or notice the meal would take longer. In a word, we got NOTHING and when we finally asserted ourselves, we were then insulted. 

There are PLENTY of other Mediterranean restaurants worthy of your business in Seattle. Go ahead and skip this one.

5245 California Ave SW Seattle, WA 98136 Phone: (206) 937-3302
Cuisine - Turkish
Smoking - Yes
Hours - Daily 5pm-10:30pm
Payment -  American Express Cash MasterCard Travelers Check
Parking Lot
Dress Code - Casual
Price Information - ($20 and under)


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