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Scott's Roving Restaurant Reviews 

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El Greco - Tucson, AZ.

If you like Greek food you might want to check out El Greco if you haven't already. It's not super-spectacular but the chicken salonika was quite nice. I would ask for rice instead of spaghetti if I had to do it over again. The vegetarian dolmathes were sufficiently lemony too. There's something to be said for lemonyness.

If you can, get a seat in the deathmatch cage in the front by the bar. That's where all the action takes place after they set your cheese on fire as an appetizer. Remember to yell out, "Opah!" as you tear your opponent to shreds.


Ed - Our buddy Elias Kotzanbasis either owns the place or works there and he always was something of a humorous bastard so we will probably expand on this review when we get around to it (provided of course that everything is comped).


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