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A Correspondence

Communiqué Sequence

Epistle One: To Cecilia from Pedro  **  [February, 2002]

Epistle Two: To Pedro from Amy  **  [March, 2002

Epistle Three: To Amy from Cecilia ** [April, 2002]

Epistle Four: To Pedro from James (a Friend) ** [March, 2003]

Epistle Five: To James from Amy ** [March, 2003]

Epistle Six: To Pedro from James ** [March, 2003]

Epistle Seven: To James from Pedro ** [May, 2003]

Epistle Eight: To Pedro from James ** [May, 2003]

Epistle Nine: To Pedro from James ** [May, 2003]

The Urinal ** [July, 2004]

The World Series ** [October, 2004]

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